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Criminal Defense & Family Law Attorney
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Attorney Charles Stoner

Charles Stoner

Attorney at Law

After graduating from the Gonzaga School of Law in 2011, my clients came to me for a variety of legal matters. After several years, I started getting more and more clients in need of a family law attorney, so I decided to shift more of my focus toward that so the people I help can benefit from my services even more. Along the way, I acquired a love for criminal defense because I always felt the need to stand up for people who may not be able to stand up for themselves. Today, my practice solely revolves around criminal defense and family law, where I have guided countless people, just like you, to a positive result, whether they've been accused of a crime or are going through a divorce. Call today to schedule a consultation.


How I'll Help You Seek a Positive Outcome

Criminal Defense & Family Law Require Special Attention from Beginning to End

Custom-Tailored Strategies
Unique To Your Situation

Not every criminal charge or divorce is the same. When you're charged with a crime, there are very specific details that could help or hinder your case, and it's my responsibility to work diligently in finding these details. Divorces can have many different factors like whether children are involved, if you're renting or own a house, or if you had a prenuptial agreement. To give you the best possible result in the end, I need to know every aspect of your case.

Collaboration When You Want It;
Taking the Lead When You Need It

For some legal matters, it is best to give the attorney control because you may have other matters to attend to or you want their knowledge to speak for itself. For other matters, the result of your case is dependent on our teamwork. I'm the one with the experience and knowledge of the law, but in the end, you know your unique circumstances the best. Our combined brainpower could increase your chances of the result you're looking for.

I Carry Great Compassion and Empathy When Representing You

Throughout my time serving my community, I have grown to understand that good people often make mistakes, and those same people could be faced with a difficult divorce. Whether you're fighting for a dropped sentence or custody of your child, everyone deserves quality legal representation. You may feel cornered or as if no one is on your side. I hope to change your mind by providing you with effective guidance from start to finish.

I'll Speak to You as a Person, Not a Lawyer

Oftentimes, speaking to an attorney can be overwhelming and confusing because of the legal jargon that they spit out at you. As your criminal defense or family lawyer, I'll strive to keep our conversations easy to understand and follow. When you're fully aware of what's going on with your case, you will have one less thing to worry about.

From DUI and assault charges to theft and domestic abuse, I'll make sure your rights are being protected and your voice is heard. Because your future is on the line, I'll do everything I can to make sure you don't have to face harsh penalties.

Throughout the divorce process, there are many proceedings that you must go through with your soon-to-be-ex-spouse to completely and legally bring an end to your marriage. These proceedings include reaching a child custody and support agreement, deciding on alimony, dividing property, allocating debts, establishing paternity when necessary, and more.

My office in Sonora and Modesto, California serves people throughout the surrounding communities, including Oakdale, Stockton, and Ripon. Schedule a consultation today by filling out the brief form below or giving my office a call to get started.